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While I've been based in Singapore for many years now, I am originally from New Zealand (see picture to the right!), and hold a PhD in Economics from Stanford University.

I am currently co-editor of the International Journal of Industrial Organization, a Singapore Competition Appeal Board member, an Energy Market Authority Board member, an Energy Market Authority Licensing, Tariffs & Competition Committee member, and a member of NUS Alumni Ventures. 

Together with my co-author Andrei Hagiu, we run a series, the PlatformChronicles on Substack, on the ins and outs of platform businesses. Do subscribe. 

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn or check out my google scholar page

And if you are interested in Angel Investing, you can also follow me at AngelList.

New Zealand



Multi-Sided Platforms

1987 - 1990

University of Canterbury

BSc (Hons) in Economics (First Class)

Industrial Organisation

Network Economics

Competition Policy / Antitrust

1991 - 1996

Stanford University

PhD in Economics.

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